Exploring the National Park Service Website

The National Park Service website (www.nps.gov) helps organize all of the information that comes from trying to keep track of millions of acres of land in every state. The NPS is a government entity that is responsible for overseeing all of the national parks that are located in the United States.

The first option you notice on the National Park Service home page is the user-friendly map of the entire country and its territories. By running your mouse over the top of the State of your choosing, a small window appears providing general information of the parks located within the State.

When you click upon the State, the site brings you quickly to a state map detailing the national parks and monuments found within the selection. The level of information doesn't stop here.

By simply selecting the park of your choice, you will find yourself on the park's home page for you to peruse at your leisure. The information found on these United States national parks sites is thorough and seemingly endless.

If you look beyond the map on the home page, you will see sections on both the left hand side of the map and directly below the map. These links will guide you to detailed pages that describe the history of the NPS. You will also find an educational section for teachers and students.

The history of the National Park Service spans centuries detailing the origins of several notable museums, collection, libraries, national parks and monuments (such as Robert E. Lee's Memorial, and Lincoln's boyhood home in Indiana). You could spend centuries exploring this information.