Explore the Wildlife of Norway and Finland on Polar Expeditions

Finland and Norway offer some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife watching opportunities in the world. The Arctic uplands of Norway, the taiga forests, fjords and lakes of Finland all contribute to this stunning wonderland.

The abundance of birdlife in the area is what draws most visitors and joining one of the polar expeditions to this part of the Arctic, particularly in the summer, will not disappoint the avid birdwatcher. Although a visit at any time of the year is well worth the trip, the lead up to summer is when you will see the most action. The breeding birds have arrived and are settling in for the season, nesting and fighting for their own territory in which to make their home for the duration of the season. You are much more likely to see the less common species at this time of the year, and it is difficult not to be impressed by the abundant range of birdlife that flourishes in this region.

Polar expeditions to Norway and Finland

This special part of the planet is made up of diverse environments and each one makes the ideal habitat for many different species of wildlife. When choosing one of the polar expeditions to this area, it is important to look at the focus of the trip and choose the one that best suits your interests. It is relatively easy to travel through this area so it is worth spending a week or two exploring. However, if time is short, there are many shorter bird watching options available too.

An abundance of birds

Imagine walking through the forests of Finland early in the morning listening for the different bird calls, or watching the birds that settle near the sea on the windy cliffs and small islands in the northern part of Norway. Although the aim of polar expeditions is not necessarily to spot as many species as possible, you will undoubtedly make a huge contribution to the list of birds on your wish list. The long hours of daylight in this area during the spring and summer months mean that there is ample opportunity to explore and encounter the wildlife at different times of the day. This greatly increases your chances of seeing more species as they go about their fascinating daily rituals.

The list of birds residing in this region is long and varied. The fjords of western Norway are home to one of Europe's most rare species of bird, the White-backed Woodpecker, and you will also be able to see Black-throated Diver, Long-tailed Duck, Golden Eagle, Little Bunting and the Gyrfalcon, to name just a few.